Diamond Ballet Nail Art

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Package contents: 30 pieces of fake nails + 3 pieces of jelly glue + 1 orange wood stick + 1 thumbtack.


EASY TO USE: It only takes 3 minutes to complete your manicure, no need to spend a lot of time at the nail salon to have beautiful and stylish nails.


Stylish design: fashionable and popular ballet nails with a special diamond design, even distribution of nail varnish, clear and non-separating colours and perfect saturation. Not only that, but it can be trimmed to give a beautiful shape that naturally suits your nails.


Environmentally friendly material: Ballet Manicure is made of ABS, an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odourless and recyclable material. It can be worn for weeks on end with minimal damage to your nails. And it is reusable.


Wide range of use: this nail shape is particularly suitable for nail art learners or professional nail artists. The length of the nail shape is suitable for any venue, such as weddings, sisterhood parties, costume parties, Halloween, Christmas, etc.